• Borobudur Sunset


This tour gives you exotic experience at The Borobudur Temple. In this occasion, visitors can be made to appreciate the historic and cultural context of this enduring monument. In this tour you will be given more time while passing when the sun is sinking from Borobudur Temple. Allowed time in this tours is up at around 6.30 PM and the tour will end with a tea time and light meals complemented

Borobudur Sunset

Adult Price :
  • Foreigner Visitor : IDR 450.000 per person
  • Domestic Visitor : IDR 325.000 per person
  • In house guest (who staying at Manohara) : IDR 275.000 per person

Children Price :
  • Foreigner Visitor : IDR 225.000 per person
  • Domestic Visitor : IDR 162.500 per person
  • In house guest (who staying at Manohara) : IDR 137.500 per person

Borobudur Sunset
Facilities :
Tea/coffee, light snack & Souvenir
entrance to Borobudur Temple from 5 pm (after public close time)

Note :
There is no limitation for the number of Borobudur Sunset guest . So, you could purchase the ticket directly here at our ticketing counter in the evening (at 4.30pm) on the day you want to see the Borobudur Sunset
For more details, contact : 

*The price valid until December 31, 2018